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17th September 1990

Ivan Kalousek, the founder of the company, got a concession to start a business. Until the middle of the year 1992 he worked by himself , in the workroom in his family house where he produced decorative items made of borosilicate glass. Many of his designs from this period influenced other glass producers not only from Zelezny Brod and these are still produced to this day.


February 1992

a growing demand for the glass items in connection with the ideas about business focus of the young company required bigger production area in Zelezny Brod. At the beginning a few properties were rented and later bought from the owners.


June 1992

a first worker was employed.

February 1997

an unrestrained advancement of the company called for changes. In order to implement new intensions an industrial property was bought in Prikra Street Zelezny Brod.


1998- 2001

there was a big reconstruction and additional building in the newly acquired property. As soon as this was finished the production was moved there from the previous premises


August 2004

After the reconstruction and additional building were finished there was a last phase – building of the administrative part.


March 2004

Company Detesk s.r.o.was founded. The company was bought from the present owners. According to the sales contract Detesk s.r.o. is an exclusive representative of the original company


November 2005

the last part of the employees moved to the brand – new offices


June 2007

Company Detesk s.r.o. bought a property in Zelezny Brod square


June 2008

after a partial reconstruction Detesk s.r.o. - glass shop was opened

Jully 2010Our company is establishing a new retail shop in shopping centre Plaza in Liberec.

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