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Programme Absinth / Pastis

A symbol of the art world of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century is one of the possibilities how to describe absinth shortly but concisely. In all likelihood originally Swiss beverage was famed mainly by the impressionists from Paris , and from there the vogue expanded to other parts of the world. The basic ingredient for production of the absinth – unique, mysterious and high percentage alcohol beverage is a common wormwood (ARTEMISIA ABSINTHIUM), which together with other etheric ingredients gives it the right flavour and typical characteristics. Our company produces special glass vessels called fountains and glasses for traditional absinth serving. The fountain contains a very cold water which is used for a modification of the alcohol strenght to the level suitable for consummation. A needful accessory is also an absinth spoon which is put together with a sugar cube on the top of the absinth glass on the occasion of ABSINTH RITUAL.

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